Aptly_cli was created to work with the Aptly Debian repository management system. It provides a command line interface that can be used on remote systems that need to interact with Aptly repositories.

The initial testing framework was based on a combination of Webmock and Vcr. Vcr allowed me to record Aptly server responses while testing Aptly_cli API interactions. A local Vagrant VirtualBox instance that ran Aptly Aptly_Vagrant provided the server responses.

Aptly_cli is plugged into Travis-CI for running tests. The Webmock framework ran well there. The builds took advantage of Ruby RVM for testing multiple versions of Ruby.

The local development environment became cumbersome. I had to record server responses periodically from the Aptly server which would update the Vcr yml files (Where HTTP responses where recorded). The test setup and cleanup was sort of pain to deal with too. Sometime segments of your Vcr results